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"Die Herkuleskeule" Cabaret

"Die Herkuleskeule" cabaret goes back to 1961. It was known for highly charged political cabaret when the GDR was isolated by the wall; today’s audience from east and west confirm that the programmes at the Keule are among the best in ensemble cabaret in Germany. Founded by Manfred Schubert and shaped by comedians such as Hans Glauche, it was later Wolfgang Stumph, Uwe Steimle, Günther Pölitz and Manfred Breschke who developed into noted cabaret artists on stage at the Keule. "Der Spiegel" magazine called the cabaret "the ultimate in cabaret in the east".

Today, the "Herkuleskeule" is run by Wolfgang Schaller, who joined the ensemble in 1970 and celebrated his 70th birthday in 2010. He is considered one of Germany’s most important cabaret authors, and received the “Satire Star” on the “Walk of Fame” in Mainz from former Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2009.